Project Description

Project details

Location: Milan, Italy
Category: apartment
Surface: 50 sqm
Floor: 3rd
Intervention: interior renovation
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Balconies: 1
Living room/Kitchen

Apartment 44

Project description

This is a 55 sqm apartment in Milan, Italy.
The floorplan was originally divided into 7 small uncomfortable rooms, which were difficult to use and conveyed an overall sensation of occlusion. The kitchen was very small and dark, the entrance was facing a deep niche, the bedroom felt too big and empty, the hallway took a lot of useful space.
We did not want to preserve any of the existing materials inside the apartment, since they were in bad conditions.

The new design should be able to easily accommodate a young couple and also allow one person to work occasionally from home.

The apartment is located beautiful enclosed residential complex, where the buildings are connected by a garden with big trees and stone paths. The view from the big windows and the balcony is very pleasant and became one of our focuses.

Our approach was to enhance the light as much as possible and free the apartment from most of its constrictions, ultimately making it more efficient flexible and enjoyable.

In the first draft we were thinking to use dry walls to divide the new spaces, but in the end, we decided to achieve the same result just with furniture, with more attention to the materials and a much more reversible solution.

The big piece of furniture that acts as a division between kitchen and living is several centimetres lower than the ceiling, enhancing the perception of a single big space.

Since the kitchen has now two entrances, we gave the option of folding down a table to create a comfortable workstation with storage next to the bigger window.

For the floor we adopted ceramic tiles with a stone motif and for the furniture oak wood and Silestone.

We obtained a very functional space, rational, with an incredible amount of storage and capable to adapt to the evolving needs of a young couple.

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