Project Description

Project details

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Category: apartment
Surface: 140 sqm
Floor: 1st
Intervention: interior renovation
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Balconies: 2
Living room

Patio Apartment Restelo

Project description

This apartment is a T4 (four bedrooms) situated in an historical neighborhood in Lisbon. The overall area is about 140 sqm, with two terraces and a very beautiful view to the river Tejo, despite being just at elevated 1st floor level.
The building is from 2005 and the apartment hasn’t been renovated since. We found it in a very bad state of conservation and poorly furnished. We polished and glazed the wooden floor, removed all colors and any sort of coverings from the walls and proceeded to an overall maintenance of all systems, finishing and materials, basically giving new life and brightness to the whole apartment. Besides that, we didn’t need to make any big alterations in the floor plan and worked mainly with the furniture, containing the costs.

We focused the biggest changes in the kitchen. Originally there was no place to stay or sit and its squared shape led into having a big empty volume in the center which couldn’t be really used. The furniture was massive, and the space felt cramped and dark. The pantry was divided by a wall and the lighting was very dull, especially for a kitchen.
We removed the wall and used slimmer furniture to widen the space before the new pantry/storage.
Instead of the columns with oven and microwave we placed a bank and a table, which integrates in the kitchen and allows other uses of the space, besides just preparing meals.
We changed the floor to a darker color to contrast with the new furniture with much lighter and neutral colors and we switched the recessed lighting to much more powerful and energy saving LEDs.
Thanks to these changes the room came to life, and it is now a convivial space, bright and with much personality. There are beautiful chandeliers above the table, wooden shelves for decoration, as well as a little corner for the two cats, also part of the family.

Then we focused on optimizing the space of the remaining apartment and adding some storage. The entrance hall was fairly big but had no structure and the past owners placed a lot of different furniture with different functions, resulting in a chaotic and unpractical space. We decided to concentrate all functions in one custom piece of furniture: sitting area, storage, drawers, wardrobe, IT, small support table. Adapting to the space geometry, we crated a sort of alcove, opened on one corner to have a more fluid space and we freed the room of al the clutter adding tons of storage.

Then we created custom cabinets and shelves for all the niches in the apartment (we are just showing the one in the living room). We opted for a minimalistic look and mixed closed and open volumes, to store and display objects: statues, wine racks, a little bar situation with a folding table, books, souvenirs.
We opted for a distinctive verticality, with the wooden strip which works as handle, and proportioned the doors using the golden ratio, which helped giving order to the composition, even with very different sizes and shapes.
The cabinets are very big and deep and allowed to free much of the living room space and to give it a slick, minimalistic design.
Through the least possible number of alterations, we freed the apartment from its old constraints, achieved a more modern look and functional space, suitable for a contemporary and enjoyable lifestyle.

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